Image copyright 2008 by Stefan Binnewies, Josef Pöpsel

Independent Confirmation Image

The Ghost of a Dwarf Galaxy:
Fossils of the Hierarchical Formation of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 5907

This image of NGC 5907 was independently produced through a 24-inch, f/3 telescope located on the Greek Island of Crete by Stefan Binnewies and Josef Pöpsel, who operate the instrument remotely from their home in Germany. The 4 hour white light exposure was taken through a clear luminance filter and has been inverted to make the visibility of faint features more obvious. It displays the set of looping structures surrounding the main galaxy that were first reported by this international research team.


Image Type, Orientation: Luminance. North is at 12:00h.

Exposure time: L: 24x600s 1x1 bin

Exposure date: August 15th and 16th, 2007.

Location: Skinakas Observatory at Crete, Greece, remote-controlled from Much/Germany

Filter: SBIG 2" LRGB filter set for STL

Instrument: 60cm-Hypergraph in primary focus (f=1800 mm)