The Four Seasonings
The Omega Nebula (M-17) in Sagittarius

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If you have seen images of this subject previously, you may recall that they were colored, almost entirely, red. This area is full of glowing hydrogen gas and copious amounts of interstellar dust. This material has a natural tendency to glow in a red light. However, it is possible to moderate the amount of red hue in this type of picture so that the other colors, which actually exist, can be seen. Therefore, you are viewing this nebula, possibly for one of the first times, in its natural, true hues.

The image above represents the raw color data that was collected by the camera straight off the telescope after a prevelent red bias was removed. Removing the red bias hue required a modification to this picture's histograms. Essentially, the red, green and blue channel information was altered so that they began and ended at the same location on the histogram's horizontal axis.

Please mouseover the image above, to view the raw color data before the red bias was removed.

June 19- July 21, 2006

435 minutes Luminance, 255 minutes Red, 144 minutes Green and 288 minutes Blue (1X1)
RCOS 20-inch (f/8)