3D N-body model of the stellar stream in the Umbrella galaxy- NGC 4651

Above is an interactive 3D N-body model of an Umbrella-type stream based on NGC 4651, where the small dots correspond to the N-body particles, the green curves represent the inferred orbit of the progenitor (single particle orbit model `N'), and the light blue ellipses show the stellar disc in spacings of one disc scale-length. The model opens with the view seen from Earth. Click on the model to initiate its 3D capabilities.

As shown in the images below, moving the cursor across the model enables the viewer to rotate the model and observe the stream from different perspectives once the model is activated. Please refer to the paper for a full explanation of the model.

Default view from Earth

Edge on galaxy view

Face on galaxy view

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This 3D N-body model was prepared by Navtej Singh, Hanni Lux, Chris Mihos & Aaron Romanowsky.
Read the team's paper:
  • Kinematics and simulations of the stellar stream in the halo of the Umbrella Galaxy
  • Click here for an animated view of the stream in 3D.

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