The Whirlpool Galaxy Special Edition Poster
with Supernova SN2011dh

Now, you can own a personal copy of this Special Edition Print made from the master, full resolution image for only $24.99 plus shipping. It displays every detail of the 14 hour exposure that captures a once in a lifetime cosmic event: the second supernova in M51 during the past six years! This large 20 X 30 inch poster is a dramatic high resolution graphic that will look great in your home, at your office or in your private observatory!

Order a copy for yourself or as a gift. It's available on heavy duty, fingerprint resistant Kodak Lustre Supra Endura paper that has the color saturation of glossy prints without the glare. Each poster will be personally signed by the author prior to being tube packaged for safe shipment. To order yours, click here. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund your purchase price (less shipping) with no questions asked.

This image was produced with a RCOS half meter telescope, Apogee Alta U16M, and Astrodon E-Series filters. Exposure times: 480 minutes Luminance, 120 minutes Red, 120 minutes Green, 120 minutes Blue (All 1X1).
Image copyright 2011 R Jay GaBany

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